December 05, 2005

A user-interface layer on top of an RPC engine?


This amounts to a user-interface layer on top of an RPC engine. Basically, there just aren't any vendors that build user interfaces that sit directly on top of an RPC engine. But it has been possibly for many years now. It is starting to become more efficient, and this is sorta what Microsoft Live is trying to do.

You may find that a lot of what you're trying to do has already been created, you just need to put it all together into a service.

Java has something called Java Remote Method Invoke, as well as CORBA support.

I had a similar idea once, one that would involve a distributed service framework, with services cryptographically signed by providers, but spread over the network, with a micropayment scheme to pay both the providers and people whose bandwidth is used.


It is NOT a user interface layer. It is an object-oriented Web Service protocol (and, of course, the server that implements it) that enables objects created by different organizations on different servers to behave as if they are in one virtual space - without endangering security or mandating a central point of control.

Of course, in writing a suite of applications (such as they are) for the system, I've written a lot of general software, and created a lot of general infrastructure for doing things that applications have to do, user interface among them.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at December 5, 2005 08:30 AM